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Student Programs

"1+1.5" Double-master Training Program with Cardiff University, UK

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I. Introduction to Program

The College of Architecture & Art and Cardiff University signed a cooperation agreement on the "1+1.5" double-master joint program, which is aimed at postgraduate students majoring in architecture, urban and rural planning, architectural technology and theory, design and landscape architecture. Students can obtain double certificates from HFUT and Cardiff University after completing their studies. The program first enrolled students in 2014, and 52 students have gone to Cardiff University for exchange and joint cultivation program.

II. Admission Requirements

1. Postgraduate students of related majors who have completed the first year training program of HFUT.

2. IELTS score not less than 6.5 points, of which each test not less than 6 points, and the score shall be obtained within 2 years from the time of application; or an IELTS score is 6.0 points, which shall be obtained within 2 years from the time of application, plus successfully completing the 8-week intensive English preparation course taught by Cardiff University or the teaching institution approved by Cardiff University.

III. Introduction to Cardiff University

Cardiff University, founded in 1883, is a comprehensive research-oriented public university and officially ranks 5th in British universities in terms of comprehensive academic capability. It has two Nobel Prize winners, 51 academicians of five major British academic institutes and 32 academicians of the British Academy of Social Sciences, and has trained many celebrities and dignitaries such as the President of Iraq, the Prime Minister of Jordan and the President of Oxford University.

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