Hefei University of Technology

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Hefei University of Technology is a national key university administrated directly by the Ministry of Education of China. It was founded in 1945, and listed as one of the universities of Project 211 in 2005 and Program 985 in 2009 which are major national initiatives seeking to enhance the international competitiveness of the top-tier universities. In 2017, Hefei University of Technology (HFUT) was included in the list of “Double First Class” plan, the country’s construction plan of world-class universities and first-class disciplines.

HFUT has been committed to integrating education, research and application to create and convey knowledge that serves our country. It is dedicated to cultivating talent with excellence, advancing science and technology, pushing social development, and promoting culture, with the spirit best manifested in the university motto “pursuing virtue and knowledge, seeking truth and innovation”.

The university boasts a high-level faculty team consisting of an academician of China Academy of Engineering, accredited professors, scholars granted with funds from the National Outstanding Youth Science Foundation, winners of the national awards for top teachers and etc. The efforts of the dedicated faculty empower the advancement of the university.

HFUT is home to 32,000 undergraduate students and 13,000 graduate students. HFUT is dedicated to educating its students to become innovative engineering talents with professional proficiency, positive working attitude and entrepreneurship. Students won prizes in academic, innovation and entrepreneurship competitions of all levels. Two student teams of HFUT have been awarded as “Xiaoping Science and Technology Innovation Team”, the highest award in national youth science and technology innovation. HFUT also provides students with impressive extracurricular activities to create unique opportunities for them to grow.

HFUT locates its three campuses, and an intelligent manufacturing institute in Hefei, the capital city of Anhui province. And in Xuancheng, a city about 194 kilometers away from Hefei lies the Xuancheng campus of HFUT. Across the campuses, the university offers 39 first-level disciplines with authorization to confer master degrees, 19 first-level disciples for doctoral programs and 3 authorization to confer doctor degree of engineering. The university has 1 state key lab, 1 national engineering lab, 2 key labs of the National Ministry of Education, 5 engineering research centers of the National Ministry of Education, and 5 national joint engineering research centers and labs.

HFUT has 4 national experimental teaching demonstration centers, 1 national virtual simulation experimental teaching center, and 3 national engineering practice education centers. It is among the first batch of 61 pilot colleges and universities to conduct the Education and Development Plan for Outstanding Engineers initiated by the Ministry of Education, one of the first batch of pilot universities to conduct Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Reform, and one of the first batch of “National University Practice Education Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base”.

HFUT sticks to innovation and the integration of teaching, research and production. It has a long-established, application-oriented research culture, and it is keen to support the academics in conducting research that has impact and practical value. HFUT is committed to promoting the development of regional economy by catering to the strategic objectives and needs of the industries, the community and the nation. Research findings of HFUT teams have been applied in various national major projects and national defense projects.

HFUT is actively pursuing connections with leading institutions through academic partnerships with top universities worldwide. By supporting a wide range of collaborative activities including faculty and student exchange projects, joint supervision plan and international programs at all levels, HFUT has established academic links with more than 50 prestigious universities around the world. Meanwhile, hundreds of international students from over 50 countries and regions are studying at HFUT.

Hefei University of Technology is now striving for greater success with the ultimate goal of becoming a top innovative university with international prestige and distinctive features.