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Student Programs

Undergraduate Education Program of International Economics and Trade at Clark University, USA

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I. Introduction to Program

This major is a cooperative education program between HFUT and Clark University, USA approved in 2015, and it is also the first international cooperative education program in China featuring industrial trade and investment. Clark University, founded in 1887, is a founding member of the American Association of Universities. It ranked 75th in the 2016 list of American universities issued by US News and World Report and 16th in Forbes' list of "the most entrepreneurial American universities in 2015". This program fully integrates the industrial management advantages of HFUT and the resource advantages of Clark University in the international trade teaching. Clark University undertakes more than one-third of the courses, and the Chinese teachers of professional courses all have doctoral degrees or senior titles, while the Chinese teachers of core courses have overseas study background. The excellent students in this major can be enrolled in the "3+1+1" training mode, i.e. they can study at Clark University for one year in the fourth academic year of undergraduate stage, and those who pass the exam can obtain a bachelor's degree from HFUT. In addition, they can apply for a master's degree in Clark University for one year after graduation, and those who pass the exam can obtain a master's degree from Clark University. Students participating in this program can proceed to a master's degree in Finance, Public Administration, Information Technology and Communication at Clark University, and enjoy competitive tuition discounts during their studies at Clark University.

II. Objectives

Cultivate the high-level compound economic and trade talents who have broad background in economic discipline, systematic knowledge of international economic and trade theories and skills, industrial technology and product, proficient language communication ability, know very well the prevailing international trade and investment operation rules, international practices and China's foreign trade and investment policies and regulations, understanding of the social and economic conditions of major developed countries and regions, showing the international vision, accommodate to the development of market economy and economic globalization, and show the innovative consciousness and entrepreneurial spirit.

III. Major Courses

Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, International Trade Theory, International Trade Practice, Accounting, Statistics, Econometrics, Finance, Monetary Banking, Introduction to World Economy, International Finance, Risk Management and Insurance, International Marketing, Transnational Operation and Management, International Technology and Service Trade, International Business Law, Business Negotiation, Basis of Manufacturing Technology, Introduction to Automobile, Basis of Mechanical Design, Introduction to Mechanical and Electrical Products, Cross-cultural Management, and series of courses about English language and culture.

IV. Employment Types

International trade, international investment and other economic management of various large multinational enterprises in the field of foreign trade and finance and the foreign-invested enterprises; research and management of foreign trade, investment and finance of government departments and institutions; proceed to the master's degree in famous domestic universities or foreign universities such as Clark University. The length of schooling is four years, and a bachelor's degree in Economics is awarded.

V. Introduction to Clark University

Clark University, founded in 1887, is time-honored and located in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA. Originally as one of only three universities in New England, Clark University, along with Harvard and Yale, was a founding member of the Association of American Universities.

Clark University ranked 75th in the 2016 list of American universities issued by US News and World Report and 16th in Forbes' list of "the most entrepreneurial American universities in 2015". It has many firsts in the academic field and is a first-class national university in the United States.

Clark University advocates "small class teaching", with an average class size of only 25 students. "Challenge the routine and change the world" is not only the motto, but also a long tradition of Clark University. Clark University encourages students and teachers to get rid of the shackles of traditional and conventional knowledge with their wisdom and curiosity, find innovative technologies and ideas suitable for the present era, and make positive contributions to the world through practice.

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